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Personal Triathlon Training

Focused Workouts

Each week you will receive a training program that is completely tailored to your specific schedule, abilities and goals so you are consistently challenged to achieve your best results.


Every weekly program includes:

  • Daily detailed description of each workout (swim, bike, run)

  • Goal of workout (pace, power, heart rate, cadence)

  • ​Purpose of workout (strength, endurance, speed, recovery)​​

  • Periodization and progression of workouts                                                        

  • Strength work

  • Injury prevention

  • Daily review of any data files (Garmin, Strava, Zwift etc.)

  • ​Feedback re: email, text or call


    Focused Race Goals​

 You will be well-prepared and ready to race not matter the course or conditions with:

  • Race taper plan

  • ​Race nutrition plan

  • Race day strategy and how to execute each leg of the race

  • Goal race pace in each discipline

  • Mental toughness skills to adjust to any race day challenges

COST: $280.00 for 4 weekly training programs 


You will also receive deep discounts from our sponsor partners!

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